Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tricking Windows and create software RAID10 - II

Does it really work..!

In Part 1 I have posted about trick, How you could setup software RAID10 in Windows server 2012 which was not allowed in previous windows releases.

In this post we will discuss What if one of my lovely WD Red disks failed, do this tricky Raid10 setup would be capable to repair my volume and keep my data safe…? Let's find out this...

First I ran this test in virtual environment on my virtual test Windows Server, I removed one of the disks simulating Hardware failure and added new HDD while the VM switched off, let's power on the our test VM and see what happened.

Opening Storage Pools you can notice that yellow triangle indicating that something nasty happedned to of the disks.

Checking Disk Management we no longer can see the Old disk, instead we can notice our newly added one and being uninitialized

Before removing the faulty Disk we have to add new one, new disk must match the old disk size at least and allocation should set to "Automatic"

Now we can remove the faulty disk

Then right click pool's name and click repair, in my case the repair process was fast as disk was almost empty.

Everything is working happily now

Checking the computer management, you can see our test stripped volume is functioning as expected

And our test data still accessible

Wait for some benchmarks and tests for Storage Spaces in a very sooner post.


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